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Dragon Professional Anywhere - Australian Launch

Dragon Professional customers in the Australia will soon be able to access an AI-powered documentation solution for business, government, social services, financial services, and legal use.

Nuance Communications, Inc. has announced the availability of its cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition solution in Australia across multiple markets including government, business, social services, financial services, and legal. This next-generation AI-powered solution enables police officers, social workers, customer service agents, and lawyers to create high-quality documentation more efficiently, securely, and at scale, while reducing cost and boosting productivity. Already available in the U.K., US,France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, Dragon Professional Anywhere customers in Australia can now use Nuance’s speech recognition solutions anywhere, anytime.

The continued expansion of Dragon Anywhere is driven by the increasing demand for cloud technology to meet the needs of modern business environments. Forrester Research reports that companies are ramping up investments in cloud-based tools to facilitate extended periods of working from home, a trend that is poised to continue post-pandemic and expected to better prepare organizations for the now dynamic post-COVID economic recovery.

“Because the world’s workforce is operating in new and unprecedented ways, it’s crucial to equip organizations of all sizes with solutions that allow for seamless, secure business continuity,” said Joe Petro, CTO, Nuance. “Dragon Professional Anywhere offers scalable deployment options, helping companies reduce costs, realize productivity gains, and improve customer care for industries worldwide.”

Built on decades of deep vertical market expertise and investments in conversational AI advancements, Dragon Professional Anywhere extends the usability and value of applications across a variety of vertical markets, including:

  • Business: With millions of Australians working from home due to Covid-19, there has never been a better time to increase the personal productivity of Australian workers. With the ability to dictate at up to 160 words per minute directly into any document within Windows or using their smart phone, personal productivity has proven to be significantly improved with the use of this event speech recognition technology.

  • Social services: With an addressable market of 30,000+ social workers in the Australia, Dragon Professional Anywhere supports clients’ efforts to help mitigate the often-fragmented workflows of social workers through effective and appropriate authoring, sharing, and streamlining of agency communications. Social services professionals can use Dragon Professional Anywhere to securely capture and access casework and client files with immediacy and specificity at the point of interaction.

  • Banking and financial services: With an addressable market of 10 000+ financial advisors in Australia, banking, financial services, and insurance markets are key industries supporting growth in cloud-technology. Banking professionals and financial advisors. can use Dragon Professional Anywhere to help scale and deliver better and more accurate client-focused customer service by quickly memorializing client interactions, document disclosures, and detailed action plans, without focusing on cumbersome documentation demands.

  • Legal: Ever-increasing demands on the struggling lawyers have meant that technological solutions to improving productivity are sorely needed, particularly in this remote working environment. Dragon professional anywhere will empower lawyers to dictate into any application on the computer or dictate while out and about into this smart phone with high degrees of accuracy. Large savings can be made by dictating directly into legal documents compared to outsourcing your typing to expensive transcription companies or in-house staff.

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