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Working from home? Dictation Options.

Working from home sounds like a great idea to work your way through this health crisis. You don't have to worry about commuting time and traffic.  

You can focus on your own projects without the constant distractions that come from working in a busy office, meaning you can get your own work done faster and with fewer mistakes. You may also feel less stressed because you spend the day in an environment that is really your own. Of course, your children and pets may feel differently about this.

However, there is a downside to working from home, as you also probably have more equipment at the office that can help you to perform your necessary tasks. Working on your own means being able to figure out the logistics of getting the work done without an assistant.

Speech Recognition can play an important role when working from home.

What makes speech to text software so powerful is that it can help you complete your normal tasks efficiently, faster, and more accurately. Put simply, you can get more done allowing you to make up for some of the time when you are distracted when working from home. You can now spend your time focusing on what's really important.

Why is Speech to Text Faster?

Dragon Speech allows for continuous text with no word limits. At 160 words per minute, it is far faster than simply typing everything yourself. It is different from typing it yourself, though, because you won't be focused on the action of typing and looking for errors. All your attention can be focused on the actual work you are trying to accomplish.

Dragon Speech started out as Dragon Dictate, they became Dragon naturally speaking before it expanded and grew into its current flexible forms with professional, medical and legal variants.

More accurate than a typist

A good typist might be able to type at least 40 words per minute pretty accurately, while a professional typist should have at least 97% accuracy. By contrast, you probably speak about 150 words per minute and read about 270 words per minute. Dragon Speech offers 99% accuracy, and it allows for voice editing and formatting so that you can create your documents the way you want. This means that your work will feel more natural because you can express your ideas at a more natural speed without worrying about sloppy handwriting or typographical errors. 

You can dictate directly in real-time into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, any webpage, medical records software, legal software and just about anywhere you can put the cursor in Windows.

Once you get the hang of it you will find that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the most efficient and comfortable way to output a lot of text as quickly as possible. I send about 70 emails per day and I dictate almost all of them. Even if it's just the one-sentence response I will use Dragon as it is always open and ready for dictation. I'm actually finding that my typing really slows my thought processes now that I've adapted to proper dictation.

Options to Suit Different Professional Needs

For those who have more specific needs or occupations, there are different versions of Dragon Speech that offer extra functionality and power. Whether you are in social work, healthcare, legal work, business, or some other field, there is a version of Dragon Speech that is best suited to your needs.

One group of professionals that never have time to do everything are health care professionals. Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech platform that makes it easy for them to document patient histories and care from anywhere. Clinicians who have used the software report that they spend significantly less time documenting but have higher quality data. That means they're more productive and have more time for their patients.

Another group of professionals who spend a lot of time on paperwork is attorneys. Dragon Legal has built-in specialized legal terminology so that the speech recognition software will understand the different kinds of words. 

Voice Recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking aren't for everyone.

Some doctors, lawyers and other business professionals have specific processes and review steps that are required for their dictation that are not compatible with Dragon voice recognition. They may be used to using a handheld digital voice recorder and hand it off to staff typing by docking it in a special cradle or having an assistant uploading the audio information to their typist. This is usually done by the local area network at your office. Or you might be using email to send the audio which frankly isn't that secure.







So if you're happy with your existing dictation methods but are now forced to work from home - then you have a decision to make.

You can pay for new versions of the Olympus / Philip software and load that on your computers at home and your typist computers. You will have to update the software and ensure that it is linked by email or another secure method. This is quite complex and time-consuming as there are a lot of security considerations when linking by email from home. Not to mention inherent risks if your home computer is not secured as well as your work computer.

Frankly, updating antiquated windows transcription/dictation software is not the best option.

You will be wasting a lot of money paying someone to configure your software for home use. And it's probably not that secure. Not to mention you have a steep learning curve in front of you. Do you have time for that right now?

Lastly, when you finally return to your office the investment you have put into setting up home has been wasted at considerable cost.

There is a far better way to dictate if you don't want to use Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The new Philips Speechlive cloud dictation system is a secure, encrypted and dictation system which works from anywhere.








By simply using your iPhone or other smart phone you can dictate directly into your smart phone via the Philips Speechlive app. As soon as you have completed the recording it will instantly be sent to your typist anywhere in the world. You don't need to install any software on your computer at home or even use a computer at home at all. Just your smart phone.

Your typist doesn't need special software either. By logging into the Speechlive cloud service within a web browser such as Chrome, the typist will immediately access your recording securely by the cloud. Once the typist has completed the dictation it will immediately be emailed back to you. This is far more efficient than your old manual handheld dictation system and you don't need to install any special software. Just your phone in a Chrome web browser.

Safely Store, Deliver, and Play Back Your Information

Where does your recorded information go? Thanks to modern technology, it is safely stored in the Philip Speechlive cloud so that only people with the secure password and login can access it. It's very secure because the files are encrypted in real time so they aren't vulnerable. The files also instantly accessible from anywhere in the world with the correct login. This is far more convenient than an old clunky digital voice recorder and far more secure. Not to mention the fact that you're always carrying your iPhone or smart phone in your pocket. You don't need to carry a separate recorder which is inconvenient because of the bulk and because you have to charge it.


Another Alternative When Working from Home

Philip Speechlive is another alternative for taking advantage of speech to text when working at home. In only two minutes, you can create up to a full page of text. You can record, edit, and send files from anywhere by using an app on your smartphone. Easy to use, you can take notes and keep track of important ideas anywhere you have a web connection. You will never have to worry about forgetting important thoughts and you will find that it is easy to become more productive and organized. Phillips uses double encryption in real time so that you don't have to worry about being intercepted. One of the best features of Phillips Speechlive is that it is integrated with several popular apps, such as DropBox, Google Docs, Outlook, Evernote, and salesforce. 



If you are prepared to dictate in real time into your document then Dragon is your best option. It is relatively inexpensive and very efficient. You can purchase and download the software right now to get started.


However, if you used to traditional dictation message then now is the time to transition to the new smart phone/iPhone based Philip Speechlive app. Instead of carrying around a clunky recorder and configuring expensive Olympus transcription software you can simply harness the power of the cloud to greatly simplify and secure your dictation.

Our expert Philip Speechlive cloud integrator can get you set up and running within the hour.

Why delay?

Get started with Dragon or Philip Speechlive today.

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