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Has your typist gone on leave and now you can't process your dictations?

Updated: May 27, 2021

There's a lot of reasons why medical practices seek out Dragon Medical after experiencing other transcription methods. In many instances in-house typing has been completed by a key member of staff. What if that staff member then moves to another practice or perhaps goes on maternity leave? In medium to small practices, this can have a huge impact on the doctors ability to process his or her dictation. This can cause catastrophic delays and can prove to be expensive. We have converted many practices to medical voice recognition because the in-house typist was no longer available. For example, one of our clients runs a gastroenterology clinic in North Sydney. The typist was injured on the Friday and the doctor had no one to replace her. The doctor had almost no experience with computers which made it even more complex. He had about 30 letters to process on the Friday. The doctor was unable to type them, he didn't have an existing relationship with a transcription service and did not wish to establish one (due to the large ongoing expense). After discussing his requirements we shipped him the Dragon Medical practice edition software with handheld microphone urgently, which he received on the Monday morning. At 10 AM on the Monday, one of our expert trainers remoted into his computer using team-viewer. He installed the Dragon Medical software on his Windows laptop, then gave him two hours of instruction on how to use the software. By lunchtime he was dictating his backlog of letters directly into his medical record software (Genie). By the next day he completely caught up and was now dictating letters as they were required. The typist did return to work eventually but was no longer required to do any transcription or typing. This freed up this staff member to complete other urgent tasks. So not only was this doctors problem resolved within one working day, he had transformed his office into a much more efficient operation - with no ongoing transcription costs. Most importantly he was not relying on third-party transcription service who were charging by the minute - whose charges will never end... His Dragon package was a fixed-price, completed on time and to his complete satisfaction. We can supply this Sydney gastroenterologist client as a referral by contacting us on 1300 255 900.

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