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What is the best medical transcription service?

Many medical professionals and doctors using medical transcription services do not have a redundant dictation system. This is a very risky approach to take. If their in-house typist becomes i'll or leaves at short notice then this will impact the entire medical practice. Other medical professionals use cloud based voice recognition or transcription services. A few years ago, of the largest international transcription services went down for almost two weeks. This left hundreds and hundreds of Doctors Without transcription services in Australia. Some medical centers were completely left without any transcription capability and with no backup they were losing money and patience quickly. So whether you're running dragon medical voice recognition software, a cloud-based service or in-house transcription you need to look at some backup options.

So what's the most cost-effective backup medical transcription dictation system?

Well you've got to consider cost effectiveness versus accuracy and reliability. The cheaper system is not going to be the best.

For example, a doctor could use Google android voice recognition or Apple Siri to dictate basic notes into their phone and email them through to staff in an emergency. The problem with this system is that neither of these voice recognition systems are hosted in Australia so doctors are breaching their compliance obligations to the Australian Government. Also Google voice and Apple Siri do not contain specialised medical terminology. This makes them quite inaccurate and errors in medical dictation can be very dangerous.

And what if the staff member you are emailing with these emergency notes are sick or on leave? Then who is going to actually check the letters and upload it to your medical records software?

The bottom line is the doctor needs to take direct and complete control of their dictation in one single action. Medical professionals need very high accuracy, accessibility and ease of use.

Only one product in the world meets all of these requirements.

The new Dragon Medical One cloud dictation and transcription system exceeds all of these requirements for Australian use. Dragon Medical One:

1. Contains highly accurate medical vocabularies which cover all specialties.

2. Is the most accurate voice recognition system in the world.

3. Is hosted in Australia to meet your legal requirements for medical transcription storage encryption

4. Is very affordable and only costs a fraction of what a typing service charges.

5. It's use is unlimited. Dragon Medical One is not charged per word. Dictate as much as you want

6. Dragon Medical One is cloud-based allowing you to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

7. Dragon Medical One works with all Australian electronic health records such as Genie, best practice, Gentu, Shexie, best practice and any other core records system.

8. Is very easy to use and can be set up in under 45 minutes.

So if you are considering a backup medical dictation or transcription service to your manual typing service or in-house typist and the really is only one solution. The new Dragon Medical One cloud medical dictation system.

Call 1300 255 900 today. Or fill out this form for immediate pricing.


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