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Olympus DS9500 Voice Recorder

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Olympus have finally updated their top of the range voice recorder from the ageing Olympus DS7000 to the new state-of-the-art digital voice recorder- the Olympus DS9500.

This voice recorder has some advanced features, such as the ability to send audio immediately via Wi-Fi and via email. That means you can dictate voice recordings anywhere and have them immediately sent to typists/support staff for dictation. Even better the Olympus DS9500 works brilliantly with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. The doctor can be out doing the rounds at the hospital, dictate into the recorder and via the hospital's Wi-Fi system and send dictation immediately for transcription. Even better, you can now connect the Olympus software directly to Dragon Medical. That means you can dictate anywhere on your Olympus voice recorder immediately and have Dragon transcribe it instantly at any location in the world. The doctor's staff can then listen to the recordings to check them for accuracy. But they won't have to type them. This will save about 90% of the time it normally takes to type a document. This is a highly efficient and effective method of transcribing audio when the doctor is unable to dictate directly into the medical record software. Call us today on 1300 720 709.

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